Each year students graduate from high schools all over the world. Some schools are eager to classify them as Alumni and will track them for the rest of their lives to support the school they once attended, while another school will never or rarely keep them abreast of the old schools affairs. Schools located in affluent communities tend to be the ones that keep alumni in the loop, while schools located on the other side of the railroads tend to let their graduates free from the schools future endeavors.

#Familyhood plans to change this. We intend to systematically, school by school, not only make sure all schools have three basic organizations functioning on school campuses (i.e. S.G.A., PTA, Alumni) but have these three organizations in collaboration to build a healthy, sustainable, community for the school and its surrounding community.

To understand my theory called #Familyhood, one must see schools differently. Typically, when one thinks of a school, one thinks of a building that is divided into various sections, we call classrooms. Instead of that image, think of a school as a living organism, a brain, that grows bigger each year with its graduates. With this vision in mind, the role of the school is to collect all of the brains that have entered its school for the betterment of the school and its surrounding community.

For this reason, the image of the big head was created. It, the school, grows each year through its graduates. These graduates are called Alumni. To become an Alumni of the school in ones community is one of the missions of #Familyhood in every community.

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