#Familyhood has three definitions
The 1st definition of #Familyhood is the economic strategy known as “Healthy Economics” HE defines the school in every community as the center of a communities development.

HE believes the most important resource in a community are the people. As manufacturers convert raw materials into finished goods and consider a product “made,” HE believes we “can make” a healthier next generation by recruiting Alumni, PTA and community leaders/organizations, local businesses to promote and support student leadership and student lead enterprises.

HE is divided into four main strategies that work together to recruit volunteers (students/parents/alumni/community partners) to join the school’s SGA, PTA, ALUM and to eventually collaborate.

They are:

1) #1stSaturdays/1stsaturdays.com
2) #friendsofschool/friendsofschool.org
3) #familyhood (#1 definition above)/ intergenerationalenterprise.com
4) #mobetterfood/mobetterfood.com.

The 2nd definition of #Familyhood is one word to define “The Inter-generational Enterprise.”

The Inter-generational Enterprise is the official collaboration between a school’s Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association, and Alumni.

Like the human body needs a healthy heart, kidneys and lungs to function, HE believes in order for a school to be healthy, it needs a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.

When a school has a functioning “Intergenerational Enterprise,” for short we say “the governance of #Familyhood.”

“The Intergenerational Enterprise” is too many letters for a Twitter handle, so we use #familyhood to promote this collaboration in one word.

Follow us below:

The 3rd definition of #Familyhood is the vision of a food insecure, dependent, under-served neighborhood transitioned into a thriving, food secure, community. After years of implementing the strategies of Healthy Economics, we seek to call these neighborhood’s “Familyhood.”

To illustrate, once a school has a functioning Intergenerational Enterprise managing their schools garden, farmers market and grocery store, the graduates who experienced these business ventures as students, are encouraged to return as Alumni and/or future parents to mentor/support #Familyhood as adults

Once a school reaches the legacy stage of #Familyhood, the school and the community will witness a more sustainable, healthy, peaceful community.

A place the 3rd definition calls #Familyhood.

This is our vision.

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